USLTC Designated Specialty at The Great Western All Terrier Show @ Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area
Jun 24 – Jun 25 all-day

The USLTC will be hosting a Designated Specialty at The Great Western Terrier Association Group show on Sunday

Date: June 24, 2017

Regular Classes: Mr. William Potter

Superintendent: J Bradshaw

NOHS, 4-6 month puppy, Bred by Exhibitor Grop


Date: June 25, 2017

Sweeps Judge: Mrs. Lovelady

Regular Classes: Ms. Lynette Myall

Superintendent: J Bradshaw

NOHS Series, Puppy Sweepstakes Group

The premium is available by clicking here

The USTLC will be holding hospitality for members and friends at the show. Look for the Club Banner and join us for lunch and refreshments.

Lakiepalooza 2018 @ Purina Farms
Jun 1 – Jun 3 all-day

The USLTC will be hosting it’s 2nd annual LAKIEPALOOZA, held at Purina Farms.  This is a celebration of all things Lakeland Terrier


Events to be held

Supported Entry

Earthdog Trial

Fun and Games

Meet and Greets with other Lakies and Lakie owners

Educational Seminars

Grooming help for the show and pet Lakeland Terrier

More information will be on