A Pet Peeve

Having on occasion taught biology to liberal-arts majors. I get that many journalists have minimal understanding of science. But there is really no excuse for the media’s use of the terms bacteria and virus interchangeably. The readers of this publication would never tolerate hearing a German Shepherd called a Poodle, or vice versa! Understanding the […]

Solution for Falling Entry Numbers: Critiques

Three decades ago I wrote a breed column for the GAZETTE proposing written critiques of each dog-show entry. I received more feedback on that article than most anything I have written before or since – all positive from exhibitors, all negative from judges. I think it is time to revisit the concept. Rising costs to […]

Breed Type Conformation Essentials

Form follows function in Lakeland breed type. Heading the list of essential traits is a full muzzle with broad nose-bridge and large, strong jaws and teeth. If you don’t look at a Lakeland face and think, “What a big nose on such a small dog!” you are not seeing a correct head. Few individuals in […]

Breed Characteristics

Many thanks to Pat Peters for her years of writing the breed’s GAZETTE columns. She has passed the baton to me, and I would like to take this opportunity to remind the readers that this column belongs to you. Please email me with topics you would like addressed and with feedback on the columns. One […]

So, You Want Your Cake and Eat It, Too –– Part II

In my last article, I covered a proposed pre-whelping timeline for conditioning your Lakeland diva through maternity leave to bring her back into the show ring better than ever. Now I will carry description of the program to fruition. If you have followed the steps up to your bitch’s due date, she will be in […]

So, You Want Your Cake and Eat It, Too –– Part I

In my last article, I editorialized about the breeder’s rights and responsibilities regarding decisions of when, or even if, to breed a bitch who has the potential to be a top-winning special. I believe, with careful planning, a bit of work and common sense, a really good bitch, aud a touch of luck, you can […]

“A Dam Shame,” Indeed

I read Kathleen Monje’s article “A Dam Shame” in last December’s GAZETTE with considerable interest. She discussed the optimum breeding age for bitches, pointing to the conundrum of balancing a show career with time out in the whelping box. I agree that, ideally, the first litter should be planned when mom is between 1.5-3 years […]