New Import Guidelines for Dogs Inadequatley Immunized Against Rabies

This alert may also be viewed at Tuesday, June 20, 2017 Yesterday, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced changes to the application process to import a dog inadequately immunized against rabies. Effective August 18, 2017, an importer must apply online for a Permit to Import a Dog Inadequately Immunized Against Rabies at least […]

March and June Lakelander

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Illustrated Discussion of the Standard for The Lakeland Terrier

The USLTC has a booklet- Illustrated Discussion of the  Standard for the Lakeland Terrier To access the illustrated standard, please click on the following link.   USLTC Illustrated Standard   It will download into a PDF document

Finding Your Foundation Bitch

Looking back on thirty-plus years in the company of Lakeland Terriers, I remember well my foundation bitch, Jokyl The Witch. I was lucky. Katie came into my life by circuitous chance and rewarded me well. She was my first champion and she was my introduction to a wonderful breed and many new friends and acquaintances. […]

Open Letter to Dog Show Judges

United States Lakeland Terrier Club, Inc. Member of the American Kennel Club Judges Education Department American Kennel Club 8051 Arco Corporate Drive, Suite 100 Raleigh, NC 27617-3390 AN OPEN LETTER TO ALL DOG SHOW JUDGES: The USLTC, Inc. is celebrating the 75th year of AKC recognition of our breed. We are proud of the accomplishments […]

Judging the Lakeland Terrier

Show stack (Madison)

A Breeder–Judge’s Point of View The Lakeland is a long-legged, wire-coated terrier that shares a fairly similar general appearance with the Airedale, Wire Fox, Irish and Welsh Terriers. This subgroup of terriers share not only a similar general appearance but are also similar in balance and movement. Whether it is inadequate knowledge, a lack of […]

Breeding Better Lakelands

Newborn puppies

The intent of this column is to disseminate information that may be of use to breeders of Lakelands. My number one piece of advice to readers is: Don’t believe a word I say. Use the information shared to start your own search for truth. Always remember that science cannot prove anything. Properly conducted scientific investigations […]