Illustrated Discussion of the Standard for The Lakeland Terrier

The USLTC has a booklet- Illustrated Discussion of the  Standard for the Lakeland Terrier To access the illustrated standard, please see the link below.  It will open in a PDF document USLTC Illustrated Standard t

Grooming for the Show Ring

Austin in the Show Ring

A hard coated terrier such as the Lakeland is one of the most difficult to groom since so much of the work is done by hand. One need be artful in wielding the clippers or scissors, but hand stripping is more exacting. The eventual presentation of a <em>well groomed</em> Lakeland affords the groomer a great […]

Staging Methods of Stripping

Grooming for Show – Stages for Stripping

1. Main Body Strip the jacket and body coat down 8 to 10 weeks before the first show you wish to enter. Strip a small horse shoe type pattern over the withers and back to the base of the tail. Strip down a line just behind the muscle of the front legs to on the […]

Grooming the Pet Lakeland

Grooming the Lakeland

Grooming the Lakeland (or any broken coated terrier) for the show ring requires a lot of time and skill. Most pet owners are not interested in learning to do it themselves and are unable to find a groomer willing or capable of hand stripping a coat. Because of the time involved it is also more […]