Lakiepalooza! The Festival of The Lakeland

Come one Come All to Lakiepalooza! The Festival of The Lakeland Will be held May 30-June 5th at Purina Farms, Greys Summit, MO Lakiepalooza is a chance for all Lakeland Terrier Lovers to get together and had fun with your terriers. We have conformation each day (a supported entry with Gateway Terrier-rosettes, prizes,), educational seminars, […]

Lakelands in Performance

Agility Jumps (Pippen)

Lakelands were bred to do their work independent of human direction. It is a measure of the success of past breeders that the USLTC’s website can describe the breed as “a true challenge to obedience train.” I prefer to consider the terrier’s independence as a highly developed form of work ethic, which—coupled with the terrier’s […]