Code of Ethics

The Members Of The United States Lakeland Terrier Club recognize:

  • Our responsibility to preserve and protect the breed.
  • The need to provide guidance and education of judges, breeders and the public for the betterment of the Lakeland Terrier breed.
  • The need to conduct sanctioned and licensed Specialty Shows under the rules of the AKC.
  • The fate, integrity, quality, reputation and future of the Lakeland Terrier is the responsibility of the members of our club, as owners, exhibitors and breeders.

Thus, we set forth the following policies and guidelines to be adhered to by USLTC members.

General Conduct

Members agree to:

  • Act with responsible and courteous behavior publicly and privately as a representative of the USLTC.
  • Be familiar with and abide by the rules of the AKC.
  • Be willing to help educate the public, provide accurate resources and beneficial information conforming to the AKC Breed Standard if it is requested and reasonably available. This includes help regarding the Lakeland Terrier’s general well-being, grooming, training and, if needed and reasonably available, breed rescue and/or placement.
  • Maintain a proper social and physical environment for any dogs in our care.
  • Not engage in false or misleading advertising or make other misrepresentations about our own dogs, dogs owned by another breeder, or any other breeder, owner or member of the USLTC.
Breeding Practices

Breeders agree to:

  • Make breeding decisions based on our goal of establishing desired qualities as set forth in the AKC Standard for the Lakeland Terrier.
  • Understand that every breeder has his/her individual opinions; however, the betterment of the Lakeland Terrier is our common goal.
  • Use for breeding only those individual dogs who have properly matured as defined under modern veterinary standards and are of sound body and temperament. I will breed bitches only as often as is consistent with their good health and under the dictates of sound medical practice. I will refuse stud service to a bitch who is unregistered, in poor health, of unsound temperament or has genetic defects that are likely to compromise the integrity of the Lakeland breed.
  • Not knowingly sell, lease, loan, trade, provide stud service to, or give any Lakeland Terrier or any other animal in my care or possession to a breeder that sells animals wholesale or sells or consigns to a pet shop, a research laboratory or to any other person or entity known to be unethical in their dealings in or treatment of purebred dogs.
  • Use written contracts explaining all terms and responsibilities of all parties to the contract when providing stud services, selling, leasing, loaning, or otherwise placing puppies or adult Lakeland Terriers.
  • Acknowledge that other breeders have the right to use their own contract and establish their own prices and fees.
  • Not wholesale litters.
  • Use AKC Limited Registration or withhold AKC papers until there is proof of spay or neuter on pet quality puppies.
  • Keep accurate records in compliance with the rules of the AKC. I do encourage that dogs be permanently identified by means of a tattoo, micro-chip or other permanent ID.
  • Be willing to offer reasonable assistance to the buyer/owner throughout the lifetime of any of the dogs I sell or place or any puppies my dogs produce.
  • Provide a minimum of a 4-generation pedigree to the Buyer, an accurate temperament assessment of both parents, and preventive medical care that is appropriate for the age of the dog or puppy and to take reasonable steps to ensure that the puppy/dog has and will have a clean, happy and healthy environment.
  • Keep the health and welfare of my dogs the first criteria in breeding or selling my Lakeland Terrier.
  • Screen prospective buyers to the best of my ability. If there is a determination that any dog I have sold or produced is found homeless, abandoned, abused or relinquished, I will accept responsibility for that dog.
  • Cooperate with the USLTC Lakeland Rescue to ensure that none of my dogs nor none of the dogs produced by my dogs are ever left homeless.
  • Make referrals only to those breeders who I believe adhere to all of the above.

I understand that the Board of Directors of the USLTC shall have authority to terminate my membership and remove me from the files of the USLTC if, in its sole and absolute discretion, the USLTC Board of Directors determines that I have engaged in any activity that has violated the USLTC Code of Ethics or damaged the Lakeland Terrier breed or the USLTC. The termination of any member will be reviewed by the Board of Directors upon request by that member.