Results of the USLTC Election

The USLTC is proud to announce your new Officers and Board of Directors for 2017 and 2018.

President                      JoLynn Hefferman
Vice President               Robert McCarthy
Recording Secretary       Maria Sacco
Corr. Secretary              Judi Crowe
Treasurer                       Al Ferruggiaro
Board of Directors          Susan Atherton, Barbara Collinsworth, Pat Rock, Kevin Rogan.
We would like to thank Jean Heath and Danielle Green for being willing to serve on the Board, the club is lucky to have such dedicated and competent candidates to choose from.

Our sincere thanks to Mr. Robert W. Thomas of Wrightstown, Pa. and Mark Brandsema (for assisting) with the counting of the ballots.

Our newsletter will be emailed to you in June 2017.  We want to make sure everyone receives their copy and we will use the email address that is on your dues renewal.   If there is any change, please advise the me at your earliest convenience!

Judi Crowe