Our rescue program is currently undergoing some changes and at present we do not have an adoption application available for you to fill out online. If you’re interested in adopting a Lakeland Terrier or if you know of a Lakeland Terrier that is in need of help, please contact:

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Ellie’s Story
Ellie was bred by a breeder who sells puppies – lot of puppies.  The breeder’s dogs are purebred and can be registered, but that alone is no guarantee of a proper breeding program that produces healthy and genetically sound dogs.Ellie came to the USLTC Rescue Program, and breeder Sara Peterka, after the original owner died, and a surviving relative could not manage all of Ellie’s problems. Upon Ellie’s arrival, Sara noted a number of visible problems, including inability to drink water while standing, and frequent drooling that left the muzzle hair wet, with skin rash. Ellie also had difficulty chewing food, apparent skin inflammation, and visible gait unsoundness.ellie preShortly thereafter, Sara brought Ellie to a veterinarian for examination. After exam and tests, Ellie was diagnosed with a number of problems. She had micrognathia, or undersized jaw, which interfered with tongue function. As a result, Ellie had great difficulty getting food into her mouth, and she laid down in order to drink from a bowl of water. The chewing problems also resulted in Ellie being underweight. Her right hip was locked, which severely limited her mobility. Also, her shoulder blades touched, which is improper, and caused her front end to move poorly. Ellie also had entropion, a deformity in which the eyelid is folded in, causing the eyelashes to rub against the cornea.

Ellie also suffered from several conditions that could be environmental, but could also occur because of genetic predisposition. She had apparent allergies which produced skin rash and eruptions. Ellie also had an ear infection.

With support from Ellie’s donor and from the USLTC, Sara’s vet performed surgery on the hip and removed the femoral head. Sara then managed Ellie’s recovery by limiting her movement until she healed enough to begin walking again. Sara used topical medications on Ellie’s skin, ears, and eyes, and shaved the hair from her muzzle to allow the skin to dry out and heal. As of this writing (June 2017), Ellie has fully recovered from her surgery and is moving better and more easily. Ellie is now placed in a loving home and will live her life with her new family.

Ellie after she was shaved and treated.

ellie post


Readers may see Ellie and learn more about her on her Facebook page, “Ellie the Lakie.”