You have decided the Lakeland Terrier is the dog for you!

What’s your next move? What steps should you take to insure that your pup meets your expectations to become all the things you want him or her to be? Doubtless this purchase should receive thoughtful consideration. After all, this little bundle of energy is expected to be a member of your family for many years to come.

The United States Lakeland Terrier Club and the American Kennel Club advise you to only buy from a reputable breeder

We encourage you to select your Breeder from the United States Lakeland Terrier Club membership. Our Breeder members are dedicated to breeding dogs that conform to the written standard for the ideal specimen. Our members agree to adhere to a written Code of Ethics designed to establish an acceptable level of care and protection for the dogs and the buyers.

We believe that participation in sanctioned competition encourages Breeders to produce better dogs. The show ring is the forum that indicates the degree to which a dog conforms to the standard for its breed. Even though you may not want a show dog, you do want your dog to be the result of a carefully planned litter.

In addition to Club Membership and Participation in Competition…

A reputable Breeder should be willing to discuss in depth breed issues. Although the Lakeland Terrier is a healthy breed with a long life expectancy an experienced and knowledgeable Breeder will discuss with you health concerns common to dogs.

Reputable Breeders are genuinely interested in making the proper placement for their puppies. You should expect a Breeder to ask you a number of questions such as: do you have a fenced yard. What kind of dogs have you had in the past and what happened to them. How many people are in the household and are there other pets. A caring breeder will want to know as much about you as you want to know about the puppy. This information is crucial to insuring that your family and the pup will have the best chance of a happy future.

Breeders should discuss all pertinent conditions of sale. Does the Breeder provide a written Contract that requires specific conditions from the Buyer as well as providing a written Warranty. A Breeder may require references.

Once you have selected your Breeder, you should expect…

The Breeder should be willing to have you visit their premises and should be able to show you a clean environment, well socialized pups and a dam with a good temperament. Puppies should seem happy and self-assured.

The Breeder should supply proof that your puppy has been examined by a veterinarian and is certified to be in good health at the time of purchase. A record of all age appropriate shots should be supplied with the puppy.

Breeders should give you written instructions on feeding, training, preventative care and grooming.

The Breeder should encourage you to have your pup checked by a veterinarian. This is to verify that the pup is in good health. It is also important to establish a client relationship with a veterinarian to set up a schedule for regular health care.

The Breeder should encourage follow up contact to answer any questions as they arise. Most Breeders will welcome a lifetime of updates, stories and photos.

— Barbara Collinsworth