Norwest Bobby Dylan aka Dilly earned his Master Earthdog (ME) title in one glorious weekend at Hathor Farm on Whidbey Island WA.

Dilly has since earned two QQ’s in pursuit of his EE (Endurance Earthdog) title. He earned his first Canadian Earthdog title (JE) in May 2013.

Master Earthdog is done all off-lead with a lengthy walk-up accompanying the judge and handler(s) while working a large field area, with a randomly selected brace-mate. Each dog must find and indicate the tunnel entrance, and honor the other working dog while remaining calm as part of the protocol.

Likewise the dog must navigate 30 feet of 9”x9” tunnel, with three 90-degree turns, including a false entrance, den and exit and “work” the caged rats for 90 consecutive seconds. The dog must qualify under four separate judges – and Dylan did this all in one weekend.

According to Earthdog Ins and Outs by Jo Ann Frier-Murza, only 18 Lakies have earned the Master Earthdog title in the 16 year period of 1994-2009.

The purpose of Earthdog activities is to preserve and develop the “working terrier” earthdog attributes for which many breeds were developed.

— Dan & Lynda Phillips