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June 1-5 2023

Conformation shows, Educational Seminars, Earthdog (and just plain fun activities)

Thursday June 1
USLTC Specialty Show Main Show Bldg 8:00 am

Lunch Fixin’s available at Pavilion noon

Grooming Seminar: Getting Them Ring Ready 1:30 pm - Grace Adriani

Training Seminar: Man/Wolf/Dog/Evolving together 3:30 pm - Doug Kelton Training

Supper on your own, or gather at Pavilion 5:30 to go to one of the local restaurants.

Friday June 2
USLTC Supported Entry Main Show Building 8:30am

Set-up for Earthdog Tests Earthdog Grounds 10:30

Lunch Fixin’s available at pavilion 12:00

Parts Match 1:00
Each class will be judged on one characteristic only! Judges will be all those present who don’t have a dog in the class (ranked on index cards, and tabulated to see which entrant wins)

Classes are: 1. Best Side Gait 2. Best Coat Texture 3. Most Correct Ears and Earset 4. Biggest Nose and Teeth (compared to size of
dog) 5. Most correct tail 6. Best neck-into-shoulder line 7. Flattest skull 8. Ideal height Male/ Female
No entry fee; Ribbon for 1st place in each class

Training Seminar Part Two: (Pavilion) 3:00 Doug Kelton
Taking a Dog from Independent to Accountable

Meet at pavilion to leave for restaurants 5:30

Saturday June 3
Earthdog Test 1 (Earthdog Grounds) 8:00

USLTC Supported Show (Main Show Bldg ) 8:00

Lunch Fixin’s (Pavilion) noon or when ED completed

Training seminar Part Three: Doug Kelton
Final thoughts on raising pups
to be accountable followed by Q and A session 1:30

Starting your Lakeland with Flying Discs 2:30 - Susan Markham
(Earthdog Grounds)

Costume contest (Pavilion) 4:00 (or 30 minutes after conclusion of Terrier Group)
Classes for 1. single dog 2. two dogs 3.dog(s) and owner

Meeting at Pavilion for transportation to dinner 5:30

Sunday June 4
Earthdog Test 2 (Earthdog Grounds) 8:00

USLTC Supported Show (Main Show Bldg 9:00

Lunch Fixin’s (Pavilion) at completion of ED

Breeder roudtable: Informal discussions, open topic, after Lunch

Monday June 5
USLTC Supported Show (Main Show Building) 8:00
Thanks for Joining us!!

Contact Pat Rock hollybriar@widomaker.com (757) 871-0292

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