Champion Lakeland Terriers; Post War to 1980


Over many years much time has been spent collecting, compiling and collating pedigree records, it seemed appropriate to try to disseminate this information. Many people will now regard the time period covered as irrelevant ancient-history but some, like me, are fascinated by old pedigrees; For these fellow enthusiasts, this booklet is intended.

The kennel club stub books are the starting point for compiling the pedigrees. There is not a definitive list of champions also certificates might have been wrongly issued, wins disqualified etc. Sometimes the stud book fails to credit the championship, it is necessary to try to count up the three Challenge Certificates. For the period of time covered the list is the most complete ever published but it has to be accepted that in a work of this kind errors and omissions are always possible.

The three generation pedigrees are as complete as can be traced from the stud books, plus much more taken from pedigrees and breeders records. Obvious errors in the stub book have been corrected. Where the breeders records differ from the stud book the breeders version has been preferred. In short the best information available has been used but there may still be errors. The parentage of forty-four dogs (all in the third columns) has not been traced, these cases are marked with a ‘X’.

It was not practical to include all changes of ownership and additions of affixes – nor to credit champion titles from outside the United Kingdom. The ownership given is that at the time of stud book number entry.

Many thanks to those who helped with pedigrees and best wishes to all who are interested in the history of these lovely dogs.

Complied by Ron Punter, Radcliffe 1998

Download Champion Lakeland Terrier Pedigrees Post War to 1980 in PDF format.